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Why Become An Ambassador?
Cove's ambassador club is new & we are so excited to have you! Join the club & grab some great opportunities at the same time. If you have any questions before applying, no matter how big or small, let's chat!

What Are The Perks?
✓ 15% off on all purchases for yourself. ✓ Invitation to all Cove imagery Photoshoots & copies of images for your personal use. ✓ Discount code to share with your followers, if you would like. ✓ Regular features on Cove Republic's growing socials. ✓Oppotunity to join in on social media takeovers (Share your adventures with our socail family & grow your social presence). ✓ Invitation to join any events Cove may run at a discounted/free rate.

Terms & Conditions Of Being An Ambassador
✓ One purchase per month with your 15% discount. (Minimum requirement). ✓ 3 high quality tagged Posts per month accross your social handles (The more creative the better - Photographs, reels etc). ✓ 1 themed reel. We like to have fun, if you're up for the challenge. ✓ Product review for each purchase in the format of a physical review online or a personal review on your social platform. ✓ Participate in Cove's giveaways/collabs by sharing promotions online (if and when a promotion is running).

Let's Get Started

If this sounds like something you would be interesting in being involved with - Let's chat!

Beachlands, Auckland, NZ.


  1. Do you need to have a lot of followers?
    Absolutely not - We are just happy to have you in our growing team!
  2. What happens if I join in the middle of a month?
    You can purchase your first items with your ambassador discount and provide half of the content required.
  3. Is it essential to have a mix of media?
    Yes, being an ambassador will require a mix of media, the more creative the better. If you are worried about creating reels etc, don't stress - We can work on this together.
  4. Can I cancel at any time?
    If you decide this is no longer for you, you may end your ambassador contract at the end of the current month you are in, once you have fulfilled your ambassador requirements.


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