Getting Wild with your workout

Name: Leilani Jamieson

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Insta: @lanifitnz

Profession: Paediatric registered nurse & qualified PT



With me being a personal trainer & fitness instructor, I am always on the hunt for great quality fitness gear that not only looks great but is high in quality and is comfortable to wear. Cove Republic- you tick all my boxes!
I love how the bike shorts are not too tight around the thighs (so that your thighs aren’t bulging or screaming for help lol!) & how the waist band is super high and thick.
When squatting or jumping, I don’t have to constantly pull the shorts up or pull the thigh part down. They stay where they are meant to!
Really enjoy the flattering fit and look of the material of course! The sports crop is well padded, giving my chest the support that is much needed for lots of jumping exercises! Attention for detail in both the crop and the shorts is beautiful! I love the rouging in the front of the crop and the detail that lays in the back. I’ll definitely be buying more! Thank you Cove Republic!

Lani has prepped a bootilicious workout- Will you give it ago?


*Equipment: Booty band and any type of weight! Can be a kettle-bell, Dumb-bell, a bag packed with cans, anything!


Warm up:

30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest in-between each exercise. 30 seconds rest between each round. You have 4 rounds!


1.      Banded deep squats

2.      Banded pulses

3.      Banded crab walks

4.      Banded abductors  


Your glutes should feel like they are on fire now! Ready to work a little bit harder and load some weight! TIP: Squeeze your glutes at the top of every squat and every thrust! Squeezing is so important to activate the glutes and to ensure that we get the most gains out of our workout!



40 seconds on each leg, 10 seconds rest. You have 3 rounds on the same leg before you move onto the next leg!

TIP: SQUUEZE the glutes even harder!!


1.      Banded fire hydrants

2.      Banded donkey kicks (Can choose to do these without the band if you prefer)

3.      Banded pulses (3 rounds)

4.      Banded sit squat at 90 degrees (3 rounds)


Time to thrust!

40 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. 3 rounds!


1.      Banded hip thrusts (laying on the ground)

2.      Banded hip thrusts with abduction

Get rid of those bands! Time to add some weight!

40 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. 4 rounds!


1.      Weighted deep squats

2.      Weighted pulses

3.      Weighted alternating lunges

4.      Jump squats (without the weight)


And you’re done team! Remember to cool down properly and  stretch out the glutes and the legs. 


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'Prowler Crop'

✘Scrunch detail bust ✘Teal leopard print crop ✘Removable padding ✘White ‘Cove Republic’ vinyl branding ✘Polyester/nylon (Great retention & holds shape well) ✘Thick weight fabric for a squat proof finish

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'Prowler' Shorts

✘Mid thigh length ✘Teal leopard print shorts ✘White ‘Cove Republic’ vinyl branding ✘Polyester/nylon (Great retention & holds shape well) ✘Thick weight fabric for a squat proof finish



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